Katherine S Harvest
six at kate6 dot org
Vancouver, WA


Career Objective

To support myself and my many interests by working with interesting, creative people and software and contributing to the creation, administration and maintenance of high quality software and computer based services.



Expert level familiarity:
  • Apache, lighttpd and nginx, MySQL and MariaDB, PHP
  • jQuery, DOM, Chrome APIs, Firebug / Chrome Dev Tools
  • RESTful API Integrations
  • Drupal 6 and 7 APIs, custom module development
  • Linux and MacOS X administration
  • The C programming language
  • Networking hardware, software and concepts
  • Raspberry Pi, dd-wrt
  • UNIX sockets programming
Extensively familiar with:
  • Various Google APIs, eBay APIs, UPS and FedEx APIs, etc
  • Android API's, Android Studio and Java
  • Yii MVC framework, Wordpress, OpenCart
  • NetBSD, Solaris
  • tcsh scripting, bash scripting, awk/sed/vi, C++, HTML
  • CSS
  • Collaborative tools: Skype, Google Docs, WebEx Meetings, Zoom, TeamViewer, JIRA, etc
  • Apache Solr
  • Drupal 8 and 9 APIs
Above average familiarity with:
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Java, Pascal, Oberon, BASIC, Perl
  • Magento, Drupal theming
  • Node.js


Previous Experience

Director of Online Usability and Senior Software Engineer, The Spencer Company, Burbank, CA, 2016-2018, 2021

  • Stayed on as chief maintainer of several of the company's in-house web apps.
  • Revamped previously Java dependant features to modern AJAX equivalents for compatibility with newer versions of Chrome.
  • Developed an Apache Solr based LA county property record research tool to aid in the Spencer Company's new forays into real estate.

Programming Contractor, The Spencer Company, Burbank, CA, 2015

  • Brought on by my former employer to temporarily assist with some additional workload.
  • Revamped the UI for the eBay lister system I'd written for the Spencer Company in 2010 to resolve several workflow issues, fix numerous bugs and make things generally less cluttered.
  • Was made the primary maintainer of, the Spencer Company's new DMCA takedown notice service.
  • Created a Chrome browser extension to allow DMCA taketown notices to be sent to most infringing sites with a single click.
  • Created automated threaded tools to check on infringing content we'd processed to see if it has been removed.

Programming Contractor, Luscious Garage, San Francisco, CA, 2014

Briefly involved with a project to move Luscious Garage's website from their Expression Engine CMS to Drupal.

Lead System Architect, DataServices LLC, Portland, OR, 2011-2013

Hired on as full fledged employee by client I'd been contracting for. Helped design, develop and maintain Drupal based software that generates, organizes and distributes medical reports rich in dynamically generated vector graphics. Became HIPAA certified.

Programming Contractor, DataServices LLC, Portland, OR, 2011-2011

Building custom Drupal 6 and 7 based software under a non-disclosure agreement.

Programming Contractor, The Spencer Company, Burbank, CA, 2008-2010

  • Worked with eBay Entrepreneur Christopher Spencer as a programming contractor on numerous projects, largely on a telecommuting basis.
  • Our clients have included Visa, Hyundai, Champion Exposition and Qualcomm.
  • Created numerous microsites and several larger scope web apps
  • Created a web app for Champion Exposition to use in managing the fleet of trucks they use to transport conference materials
  • Created a web app for a Burbank, CA area vehicle scrap shop to use in quickly and efficiently listing used car parts on eBay.

Programmer (CTO from Jan 2008), Vortal Group, Inc, Fountain Valley, CA, 2006-2008.

  • Main contributor to the company's inventory system, which manages the creation and transmission of purchase orders, interfaces directly with the company's front-end website ( to schedule auctions and interfaces directly with UPS' computers to generate shipping labels.
  • Created a complex set of analytical tools to analyze profit potential of merchandise by category and by vendor purchased from.
  • Single handedly created the company's Reverse-AJAX based streaming auction technology, which streams auction bids to users with very little latency, while producing only negligible load server-side and without requiring any special software or plugins on the user's side.
  • Developed the company's business-to-business site,
  • From March 2007, was the primary person in charge of upgrading system software on the company's servers.
  • From January 2008, lead the company's team of programmers, installed and set up the company's two newest front-end web servers and was the primary person in charge of server maintenance that required in-person presence at the company's data center in Irvine.

Independent Contractor, Various Companies, 2003-2005.

Worked on a large variety of small term contracts (through websites like oriented towards Linux system programming. Learned Perl.

Contract IT Consultant, Home Loan Funding, Irvine, CA, 2002.

January: Assisted in the upgrade of a large number of systems at four different satelite locations to the Windows 2000 operating system.
June: Installed and configured a new web statistics package on the company's main, Linux based web server.
September: Assisted with the computer related issues involved in the company's moving their head office from Laguna Hills to Irvine.

Researcher, Information and Computer Science Department at UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, 1998.

Worked with the UC Irvine portion of Niklaus Wirth's Oberon project to develop a new compiler optimization that could improve Oberon applications' utilization of the data cache of PowerPC processors.

Math and Physics Tutor, Center for Learning and Enrichment, Irvine, CA, 1993-96.

Provided one-on-one tutoring to a number of students in all levels of high school mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus) as well as Physics (Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism). Helped struggling students accomplish their educational goals.



Bachelor's Degree, Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, Spring 1999.

3.95 cumulative GPA, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, study course focused on computer networks, operating systems and compilers.

Diploma, University High School, Irvine, CA, 1995.

AP Scholar With Honors, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Most Rigorous Course of Study, High Honors.


Other Interests

  • I play the drums, keyboards, guitar and bass and compose my own original music.
  • I am a pretty good cook and a spicy food nut.
  • I sew and I repair broken second hand small electronics.
  • Ingress with the Frogs!

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