My aim with this demonstration is not so much to provide evidence that I have experience working with the arguably lengthy but nevertheless definitely limited set of technologies it features directly but rather to show that I'm the sort of programmer who is capable of learning and integrating diverse technologies into software I'm building as they prove necessary. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the projects I find most fulfilling are the projects that offer me opportunities to learn new technologies.

This demonstration module includes the following features -

  • Drupal Forms API
  • Drupal themed table generation
  • Geocoding via OpenStreetMaps' Nominatim service
  • JSON parsing (from Weather Channel's RESTful API)
  • Dynamically generated SVG vector graphics
  • Mapquest Maps integration
  • Google Spreadsheets integration
  • Facebook Javascript API sharing functionality
  • eBay API functionality
  • jQueryUI dialogs (on the eBay functionality)
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